Wide-Eyed World Adventure – 6 Osaka Markets

We’re in Osaka, Japan for a few days. Today we’ve decided to tour the big markets. Well, a couple of them anyway, there are many, many different markets here. We passed through many different market areas along the way. Making the obligatory stop in Dotonburi at the Glico man sign. Glico is the maker of pocky candy and for reason’s I don’t quite understand, it is tradition for Japanese visitors to stop on the bridge and have a picture taken in the Glico man pose under the sign.

Glico Man


Shinsekai is the home of my personal favorite of the Japanese deities, Billiken. You can google the name and find lots of information about his origins but statues of him abound in the Shinsekai district. Billiken is know as the god of prosperity and luck but mostly as the god of “things as they ought to be.” Rub his feet for good luck.


There’s also the Tsutenkaku tower. At about 100 meters tall, it doesn’t seem like much by modern standards but it was once the tallest building in Asia and it is a much beloved landmark here in Osaka.

Tsutenkaku Tower

Kuromon Market is the home of, well, just about everything.

Kuromon market

From baby octopus on a stick

octopus on a stick

To quaint 50’s coffee shops restoring the heart and soul of weary tourists

Coffee Shop

to department store window murals to refresh the eye.


Osaka is a beautiful Japanese city and I’m so glad we’ve taken a few days to explore it. Up tomorrow, Osaka Castle.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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