Karaoke Night

For the haunted wordsmith daily challenge Steampunk


Noemei was waiting in the car when Star came out of the bungalow. Star smiled at her friend and took her place in the passengers seat of two seat carriage. The carriage sat low to the ground and Star automatically swept the skirt of her black mini dress under herself as she sat on the leather seat. The automatronic horses with their elaborate detailed clockwork looked almost live. The driver nodded once Star was settled and powered up the automatons.

Star had been rather pleased with her outfit, the short black frock paired with striped tights, low black leather boots and a light weight orange sweater. Her hair piece consisted of a top hat, flourished with feathers in every color Star could imagine. One look at Noemei’s steampunk perfection though and she was beginning to have second thoughts. Noemei was definitely the fashionista of their group. Star’s style on the other hand could best be defined as, “hey it’s clean and it fits.” Tonight, Noemei was done up in a fitted waistcoat/vest in varying shades of royal blue with huge brass buttons, matching shorts with thigh high black embroidered boots, it all came together on Noemei. Star sighed, “Noemei, you look fabulous, as always.”

Oh Star you’re looking hot tonight, LOVE the tights,” Noemei gushed.

Star grinned openly, she was an only child, and an orphan to boot. Noemei was the closest thing she’d ever had to a sister and she loved her friend with an intensity that surprised her. She loved her pixie friends dearly but Noemei was special. Her island bronze skin and blue black hair just gave accent to the exotic look of her amber eyes. More than once the fair skinned Star had felt twinges of jealousy at the look of her beautiful friend.

Star was still ruminating about the extraordinary luck she’d experienced lately when they arrived at the club. “Oh wait, I forgot the best part,” Noemei pulled out a top hat, a’la Mad Hatter, complete with feathers and beads. She flipped it onto her head in one smooth gesture.

Oh Noemei, you’re too much,” Star laughed.

Once inside, the club was dim and the music loud. They found a small unoccupied table not too far from the dance floor, and ordered drinks. The “Fairy Wing” drinks were fruity, festive, and thirst quenching. They were also alcohol free, like many magic workers, the girls did not care for alcohol. Star’s godmother had explained that humans enjoyed the “buzz” but witches often found it muddled their vibration energy. Star took the advice and simply avoided alcohol, Noemei when she heard Star’s explanation, joined in their little group of teetotalers.

They were deep in conversation, leaned against one another lips near the ear to be heard, when a man approached their table. He was alone and haughtily pulled an unoccupied chair from the adjacent table and sat down at their table.

Evening ladies,” his voice was smooth and easy with no hint of the strain near shouting usually caused.

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

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