Wide-Eyed World Adventure Continues – 2

Another day in Taichung Taiwan. Finished up the meetings early, had a lovely seafood lunch and headed back to the hotel room.

20181005_134437 (2)

Since it was still quite early (about 2:00 pm local time), Superhubs and I decided to do a bit of urban hiking. We walked along canal street to the National Museum of Natural History.



We walked around for awhile. The museum was busy with school kids and adults alike. We opted to visit the botanical garden.

20181005_145341 (2)

There in the middle of the city we found a jurassic like setting complete with dinosaur.


And a most prehistoric sized insect.


Along with some genuinely weird root growths.


The walk ended with some fabulously fragrant flowers that I cannot name. The scent reminds me of honeysuckle.


All in all it was a wonderful afternoon. If you ever find yourself in Taichung, Taiwan, be sure to stop by the museum and the botanical garden, you won’t regret it.

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

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