The Wide-eyed World Adventure 1-2

Day 1 and 2

We are off on the Wide-Eyed World Adventure. For the next 60 days we will be conducting business and/or vacationing across the world. We start in Taiwan, then over to Shanghai, China, on the Osaka and Kyoto Japan and finally to a variety of destinations in New Zealand.

Let the adventure begin! After the first 24 hours on planes and in airports we finally made it to Taiwan. Our overseas flight on EVA airlines was really as close to enjoyable as a 12+ hour flight can be. Dinner was a lovely 4 course affair featuring chilean seabass as the main.

EVA salad course

Arrival in Taipei was uneventful. Immigration lines were short at 5:30 am local and we zipped right through customs.

welcome to Taiwan (2)

After a few hours R&R at the airport hotel, we made our way via MRT (Metro Rail Transit) to the HSR (High Speed Rail) station to meet up with our friend and liason before heading south for business meetings.

Railway schedule (2)

As always, Taiwan is all about food. Here in the rail station culinary opportunities abound from the wildly popular Japanese burger emporium “Mos Burger”, to that quintessential american favorite Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

Mos Burger (2)Krispy Kreme (2)

Since managing my weight and health is a serious challenge here, we opted bypass these lovelies and check out the healthier options at our favorite grocery once we reached TaiChung.

Grocery store

Two days in and already my delicate digestive system is complaining. Back to the hotel room and snack on an apple. Business meetings tomorrow. Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

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