The Shoe Wall

FFfAW 184
photo credit to Yarnspinnerr

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 184 

Ginnafer looked up at the wall of sandals. So lonely, all those shoes with no wearers. Below the wall sat candles, and flowers. Offerings to memories of the women who had worn these shoes in life. The sacrifices made by the young women of her village. Sacrifices that kept the village whole, the crops unburned, the people fed. Brave women who proudly proclaimed, “I will go to my death to save that which I hold more dearly than life; all of you.” Or so the magistrate claimed.

Ginnafer knew the truth though. The women, barely more than girls, were dragged kicking and screaming and staked to a post for the monster. None returned, none survived. It had to stop, the killing, the death, the lies. It would all stop with the death of the dragon. Ginnafer nodded to her warriors and tested the edge of her sword. Time for a dragon to die.

word count 153

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

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