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Today’s questions from the new host sparksfromacombustiblemind are:

When you are old, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about? If you are ‘old’ (a term with different meanings for everyone); what stories do you tell your grandchildren?

The olden days. Yep, I’m older than dirt and that’s what I tell them. Mostly I tell my grandchildren (I have 10 grands and 2 great-grands) about my travels. I have been many places, in many countries and have lots of cool stories.

When did something start out badly for you but in the end, it was great?

Pretty much every disaster or tragedy that has ever befallen me (and yes there have been many, many, many). They have shaped me, molded me, made me into the sparkly, badass, fluffy li’l snarkball of awesomeness that I am today.

What do you think you are much better at than you actually are? Maybe this one’s kinda mean…thoughts?

Hmmm, this one is tricky but I’d have to say “housekeeping.” I think I’m an adequate housekeeper but the truth (as told by the dustbunnies under my sofa) is that I stink at it. I mean there’s just so many more interesting things to do in this world than scrub every surface of a toilet. So I proudly practice “good enough housekeeping.”

What would be the worst thing to hear as you are going under anesthesia before surgery?

OK, I can’t think of anything worse that the stuff I’ve already heard. The worst thing I’ve ever heard was “Whoa, that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.” second worst was “Shit! Now what?” So you’re probably wondering how I know what they’re saying. Truth is I’ve had several surgeries and surgical procedures involving differing types of anesthesia. Mostly, I get nerve blocks and sedatives so I’m at least partly conscious while they’re working. I’ll tell you, the stuff doctors say when they think you’re unconscious is pretty stinking hilarious. 😀 Worst thing I can imagine before going under a full anesthesia would be “No, we haven’t told her yet. Want to get it staged first.” And yes, that was said as I was slipping under for a lung biopsy.

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