Shara’s Tale – The Beginning part 2

Read the first part of the story and the flash fiction inspiration Shara’s Tale – The Beginning,   Ignite

angel-Comfreak on pixabay
artwork by comfreak on pixabay

Finally, Elarinya made a decision. This human was not like the others. She came closer and made a slight bow. “I apologize for my behavior earlier. Fairies have little reason to trust humans,” she offered by way of explanation. “I am Elarinya, First Fairy of the Eastern Greenwood Forest.”

Shara held out her hand, “I am Shara, the Greenwitch.” They shook hands in the age old manner of friends.

“Forgive me, but you seem terribly young, even for a human. How is it that you are here in the forest, all alone?” Elarinya asked, an edge of suspicion clouding her tone.

Shara pulled herself up to her full height. Although she was not tall, she was bigger than the fairy and that made her feel a little more secure. “I have 14 turns,” she said with all the maturity she could muster.

“Oh my, you are a child. Where are your people? Where are your parents?”

Shara suddenly dropped her head and stared at the ground, her voice soft and thoughtful, “I have no people, I am outcast by reason of my powers. My parents were put to death by the people of our village when they would not turn me over.” Shara sank to the ground and covered her face.

Elarinya was overcome with outrage and empathy for this young witch. “How DARE they?! I will find this village and the butcher responsible for this atrocity. I will pull his liver out through his throat.” She gesticulated wildly with her sword as she spoke.

Shara’s face remained hidden in her hands while she wept. So long she had carried the secret, she could not just blurt it out to this beautiful fairy. It would break her heart to find out what a monster Shara truly was. Still, the words bubbled up from deep inside, through her throat and finally out her mouth.

“You cannot. The village and it’s people, are no more!”

Elarinya sat beside her weeping friend, placing a hand on her shoulder gently pulling Shara’s head to her small shoulder. Patting her kindly, Elarinya asked, “what happened child?”

Shara nearly choked on the sobs but the story came out. “My parents had hidden me in the forest when they discovered what I was. My mother taught me the healing arts to which I applied my power and magic. My father taught me how to defend myself with the skills of physical arts, the bow, the javelin, hand to hand combat. I was an all too apt pupil. One day, my parents had returned to the village for supplies. They were captured by the villagers and questioned. My parents declared me dead but the Magistrate did not believe them and ordered them to be purified.”

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