Sing Along Saturday

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Do you ever sing along with a song so many times that you change the words around to make it fit your own life? I do … all the time. Here is my rip off of Jimmy Buffet’s “He Went To Paris” I call it “She Left California”

She left California lookin’ for answers
to questions that bothered her so.
She was impressive, beautiful and aggressive
saving the world all on her own.
But ocean air breezes, doing just as she pleases
soon put those ambitions at bay.
Summers and winters scattered like splinters
and four or five years slipped away.

One day she got married, moved to Kentucky
thought she’d settle down there for life.
She had a good job, and a sweet little baby
the future ahead looked so bright.
And all of the answers and all of the questions
got locked in her attic one day.
‘Cause she liked the quiet and clean country livin
and twenty more years slipped away.

But then divorce broke her spirit, and the illness that followed
left her with only one eye.
Her body was battered, her whole word was shattered
and all she could do was just cry.
While the tears were fallin’ she was recallin’
answers that she never found
so she hopped in an RV and headed cross country
and left Kentucky without a sound.

Now she visits the mountains, the desert, and beaches
and lives the adventure each day.
Writing her memoirs, losing her hearing
but then she don’t care what most people say.
Through sixty-odd years of perpetual motion,
ask about her life, she’ll smile and she’ll say
“Honey mostly it’s magic, a little bit tragic
but I’ve had a great life, all the way.”

Adapted from Jimmy Buffet “He Went to Paris”

Here you can listen to the real song and sing along too.   Jimmy Buffet, He Went to Paris

Til next time ~ Live the Adventure Each Day ~Peace ~JPP


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