Word of the Day Challenge  Wanderlust

Perhaps more than any other, the word that defines my life is “wanderlust.” A deeply passionate need to wander about, to be where I am not. It’s something I inherited from my father. Seems that after 6 months in any one place, no matter how beautiful, how idyllic, I get restless, I get bad cases of wanderlust. It’s not that pleasant little “Ooooh, I love to travel” even the “man I need a vacation” feeling. It’s a hunger that is hard to keep satisfied. It can be deeply disturbing if you have a family to raise, job to work at. Although I wander extensively now, I also try to find the everyday adventure in an ordinary life. That by far is the biggest adventure of them all.

My personal tag line:

“I have my gypsy soul to blame
my heart was made to dance and sing
my feet were born to wander” ~JPP

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