GuLangYu Islet

Off the coast of the bustling port of Xiamen China lies the wee island of GuLangYu. When I say wee, I mean tiny, as in less than one square mile (.77 to be precise) in area. Home to only 20,000 residents, the island is a major tourist attraction. Annually, the island hosts over 10 million tourists both foreign and domestic.

GuLangYu Ferry Terminal

Pedestrian friendly in the extreme, the island bans not only automobiles but also bicycles. The only vehicles permitted are the small electric buggies and a few government electric work vehicles.

Beautiful curving walkways, splendid scenery and shops

Only a 20 minute ferry ride from the hustle and bustle of Xiamen, it’s like being transported to a whole different world.

The beach near dusk, still beautiful even at low tide

GuLangYu Island is known as one of the top ten most scenic sites in the province. Renown for it’s beaches and winding lanes, but also for it’s varied architecture,

one of many chapels
Colonial housing

and it’s artistic flare.

The Island Center, food courts, shops, and sculpture galore

Returning to Xiamen on the evening ferry, even the city suddenly looks more inviting.

Xiamen port from the GuLangYu ferry terminal

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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