angel-Comfreak on pixabay
photo credit Comfreak on Pixabay

Shara’s hands were bound tightly behind the post. The Minsterial tossed the torch onto the timbers, but it only sputtered and sparked.

“Another!” He called.

Suddenly, a winged creature no larger than a child, appeared between the Ministeral and Shara’s pyre. Surrounded by tiny winged fairies, each holding a very sharp sword, the Fairy Queen dared him to approach.

“Do not think to thwart us unnatural creature. The girl is a witch!”

A thousand tiny voices echoed, “But she is OUR witch!”

The outraged fairies attacked leaving the village in ruins. Thus did one witch ignite the fires of revolution.

Written for the Masters of Writing Fiction 100 word story challenge:Β Β Ignite


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