Which Path You Take

Alice photo Prawny on pixabay

In response to The Haunted Worsmith’s Three Things Challenge —  Caterpillar, silent, hotel

Every thing was quiet at the Suddenly Silent Hotel. Of course things always were. The hotel was established for those in need of an auditory rest and silence was the rule. There were mufflers on all of the furniture, quilts hung on the walls. The only conversations held were in sign language. This worked out wonderfully for Laurel, the hotel cook, concierge, and maid. Laurel had been deaf and mute since birth.

Laurel worked many hard hours but she enjoyed her job. To communicate with people on her own level was a joy to her. For they could hear nothing while in the hotel; there was nothing to hear. Although Laurel was young, she savored her life through books, walks in the woods near the hotel and dinners alone in her room.

One day, Laurel was deeply engrossed in a wonderful fantasy novel, eagerly turning page after page. Her chores were done and she hadn’t a care in the world. Quite suddenly, there appeared on her window a blue caterpillar.

“Curiouser and curiouser,” Laurel thought as she went to the window for a better look. The caterpillar appeared to be smoking a hookah. Laurel reached out and touched the caterpillar, the world began to swim and swirl and just before she lost consciousness, Laurel could swear she saw the caterpillar smiling.

Laurel awoke in a fantasy world, with huge chartreuse flowers being tended by tiny winged fairies. Her eyes wide with wonder, Laurel began to wander about the landscape. Soon she came upon a well known smile floating in mid air.

“Pardon me sir.” Laurel began “can you tell me where I am?”

The smile opened and words floated out, “Silly girl, you are where you wished to be.”

“But if I don’t know where I am which path will lead me home?” Laurel tried again to communicate with the smile, this time throwing in the appropriate hand gestures she had used all her life.

Again the smile moved, “if you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t much matter which path you take.”

Laurel thought about that for a bit. She started to ask more questions but … wait, what had the smile said? Yes said, and she had heard, and she had asked. She had a voice and she could hear. Laurel looked at the world around her and saw the vast beauty all around. It was very different from her woods and her room with it’s vibrant colors and odd plants and creatures. It was magnificent in it’s differentness. Laurel skipped down the path, singing a old Gaelic ballad from long ago. The smile was right, if you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t much matter which path you take.

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