The Princess and the Shark

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Written for the Three Things Challenge Tower, tidal wave, shark

So what kind of fairy tale would involve a tower, a tidal wave, and a shark? Pull up a monitor and let me take you on a journey through the dark and twisted recesses of my imagination.  

It began, like so many other fairy tales, with a princess, trapped in a tower. The tower was high, the walls were slick and bare of vines, making it impossible to climb. The lonely princess waited there for her hero to come and rescue her. Each morning, the princess, Ebelzabud would wake, straighten her golden crown, and begin her morning ritual.

She started by polishing her beautiful smile, with careful attention to her long fangs. Then, she would burnish each and every one of her royal purple scales and buff her long talons until they gleamed. “Ha” she’d say to her reflection, “what do my parents know? I am more than a match for any marauding knight.” And she would nod her wedge shaped head in satisfaction.

You see, the princess Ebelzabud was a dragon. The only princess in the dragon kingdom. The kingdom had been beset by legions of rude, overbearing, Knights in Shining Armor, all looking to carve a name for themselves out of dragon hide. Ebelzabud’s royal parents had sent her to the tower for protection until the Knights in Shining Armor could be eradicated once and for all. And there she waited, and waited, and waited, and grew bored with her fantasies.

The tower had been surrounded by a huge water-filled moat, in which swam a gigantic blue shark. The mote had the dual purpose of keeping the marauding knights out and keeping the princess Ebelzabud in. There were only two things any fire-breathing dragon feared; a nameless knight, and … water. Water could quench the internal fire that was the life’s blood of every dragon. A dragon without fire was little more than a 50 foot long lizard.

She did like the shark though. He was good company and every day, princess Ebelzabud would lean out her tower window, the shark would bring his head above the water and they would have the most delightful conversations. He would whisper sweet words to the princess.

One day, the shark sighed forlornly when Ebelzabud leaned out her window. It had been raining for days and days and the shark was barely able to breech the water level. “Whatever is wrong?” Princess Ebelzabud called.

“I am sad, milady. I was once a powerful Forest Drake, until a witch quenched my fire and trapped me in this hideous form. I must confess that I am in love with you, most beautiful dragon, but I see now that I shall never be free of this accursed water.”

Ebelzabud was taken aback, a shark? in love? with her? No, no wait, he said he was really a great Forest Drake under an enchantment. “What would it take to break the enchantment dear shark?” She called down to the moat.

“True love’s kiss,” replied the shark.

Hmmmm, this was a puzzle, she was trapped up here in the tower, he down below in the moat, neither of them could fly since Ebelzabud’s wings were no more than decorative. Then she had an idea. She leaned farther out to whisper her plan to her beloved shark. “The water has risen greatly, if you swim back and forth across the moat, very fast, that may create waves to carry you closer to me. I shall extend my tail and reach as far down as I am able. We may be able to meet in this fashion.”

“Excellent my love,” called back the shark. Then he began frantically swimming back and forth, back and forth. He swam with such speed and strength that soon a veritable tidal wave was caused in the moat and he rose up the side of the tower with it.

Ebelzabud wrapped her great tail around the pillar near her window and leaned far, far down the side of her tower. They met within inches of each other and Ebelzabud puckered up to kiss her gallant hero. She did notice as he came closer the row upon row of very sharp teeth. Still, this was her chance to escape the tower and live happily ever after so she closed her eyes.

Ebelzabud let out one short scream as the shark bit off her head. He swallowed most of her on the next bite, chomping down with his great teeth severing her tail. The tail was left hanging along the side of the tower. With the rest of the princess safely down his gullet, the shark enjoyed his semi-annual meal and swam contentedly around and around the tower moat. Yummmm, princess had always been his favorite dish.

The moral of this story is: If you’re trapped in a tower, don’t count on a shark to rescue you. Stop polishing your scales, get busy and rescue yourself.

Till next time ~Peace  ~ JP

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