Love’s Storm

lightning-storm-weather-sky-53459 pexels

I’d like to thank Firewordsblog for the inspiration for this poem. Do check it out, many good reads

I watched the clouds gather,
growing heavier and dark.
The winds, gentle only moments ago
gathered their terrible fierceness.

Trapped in a dark relationship
not of my choosing.
I somehow lacked the courage to walk away,
to seek shelter from the rain.

Instead, I stayed, far too long
fascinated in some gruesome way
by the fury of the storm.

Not a timid rain storm
but a raging thunderstorm
filled with fear and anger, and hate.

The thunder of a slap,
the lightning jolt of cruel words,
the soaking rain of my weeping.

So many years ago,
when I was someone else
and yet … not.

I emerged a different woman,
stronger, yet gentler
washed clean by the rain
of my own tears.


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