For Tim on his birthday, in case you ever wondered why you love thunderstorms so much.

sky-thunderstorm-landscape-flash-53411 pexels

He was born in Ventura County,
in nineteen seventy-nine
his Momma loved to travel
she talked about it all the time.

They moved out to Kentucky
to make a brand new start.
She tried to settle down there
and tame her gypsy heart.

She hoped that he’d be
happy there
and that he’d find a home
without her soul that
had to wander
and feet that had to roam.

One night as she watched a thunderstorm
play across the land
his Momma took him in her arms
and this is what she sang:

**Oh Kentucky give this child a home
give him the love of a good family
and a woman of his own.
Give him a fire in his heart
give him a light in his eyes.
Give him the west winds
for his brothers
and these wild Kentucky skies.”**
** (adapted from John Denver’s Wild Montana Skies)**

2 thoughts on “Storms

  1. Wonderful. I have moved a poem about a thunderstorm I wrote several years ago to the front of my blog. It is called “Terrible Freedom.” Maybe you might want to check it out. It has a different style, but expresses a parallel fascination with thunderstorms.

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