Tiger Hill Pagoda – Suzhou China

Welcome to Travels Thursday where on Thursdays I post about some of our travels.  Today’s adventure is off to the other side of the world.    

Tiger Hill Pagoda – formerly Yunyan Temple- Suzhou, China

A few years ago on a trip to Kunshan China, some friends took us for an outing to Tiger Hill Park in Suzhou. The park is a popular attraction with the local people and rightly so. Legend says that a great white tiger appeared to guard the burial site of Wu King Helu. The tomb of Helu, which is said to be under Sword lake, has remained a mystery for two and a half millennia.


The focal point of the park is the Tiger Hill Pagoda. The stone structure dates back to 327. The octagonal shape of the pagoda floors and the intricate exterior stone work give an almost delicate impression of this massive stone structure.

Weighing in at over 15,000,000 lbs., it is not surprising that two of the internal support columns have cracked over the centuries causing the tower to lean roughly 3 degrees. This has earned it the nickname “leaning tower of China.”  


Tiger Hill Pagoda

There are many other attractions in the park including walking trails, beautiful ponds and lakes, and of course, more pagodas.


Til next time, “Adventure is out There” ~ JPP

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