bread-congerdesign pixabay
photo by Conger Design on Pixabay

It’s a burning in the belly,
a yearning in the soul, a craving and a longing
and some times it’s hard to name
no matter what you call it,
it’s a hunger just the same

There’s an abandoned baby in an alley
screaming for his life
There’s an old man with a cardboard sign
begging for a bite

There’s a woman on a bar stool
looking for true love
There’s a lost soul in a parking lot
searching the skies above.

There’s a hooker on a corner,
looking for a trick,
there’s a junkie in a flop house
who hungers for a fix.

There’s hunger all around us
each and every day
in the eyes of friends and family
as a loved one slips away.

There’s a drunk in an AA meeting
trying to make things right
There’s a artist on a mountain top
waiting for the light

I’ve often found it’s just not true
that what you sow is all you reap
’cause there’s a batter wife somewhere tonight
who’ll cry herself to sleep.

There’s the farmer out in Kansas
praying for some rain
There’s a musician in a studio
who can’t find that last refrain.

The more we all seem different,
the more we’re all the same
because there’s oh so many kinds
of hunger pain.

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