What ate the toothfairy?

shark graphic mama team on pixabay

For the Three Things Challenge at Haunted Wordsmith  shark, birthday cake, tooth fairy

The birthday cake looked just like a clown fish. Well, maybe it was a clown fish. Billy wanted a regular birthday cake, like all the other little boys had. One that looked like a fierce pirate or a merman with a trident. Not some silly clown fish.

“But momma,” Billy whined, “Shivrets had a mermaid birthday cake . Why can’t I have that too?”

“Shivrets are silly, why on earth would you want a mermaid? They’re way too sweet and you remember what happened the last time you got a cavity.” His mother replied.

Billy sulked at the memory. A funny man with little fins and a big toothy grin had come and given him a coin, like the ones from the shipwreck, for his lost tooth. He claimed that he was the tooth fairy and that all children got such payment for their lost teeth. Billy had dozens and dozens of teeth and he was quite excited at the prospect of all the treasure. Billy’s mother had scoffed and thrown the coin away saying he would do better to leave his teeth in his meals.

“But MOMMA I can’t have a clown fish cake, all the Shivrets will laugh at me.”

“BILLY!” his mother shouted, “not another word. Since when do sharks worry about the opinions of shrimp.”

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