The Darkness

weeping-Karen_Nadine on Pixabay
art by Karen_Nadine on Pixabay

For The Masters of Writing Fiction 100 word story challenge Hurt

A spent and broken woman wept at the alter. She had struggled so long to be free from the hurt and anger but now, without him, she was alone.

In the silence that always follows weeping, she heard the whisper of the many mothers.

Do not cry child for your light is strong and it was he who brought it forth.”

“Was I the moon and he the sun?” she sobbed.

“No my child, you are the moon, he is the darkness.”

For there can be no light without the dark, no joy without sadness, no courage without fear.

7 thoughts on “The Darkness

  1. I am reminded of Shakespeare’s poetic treatment of the love affair between Romeo and Juliet, although in that version of the story darkness perhaps represents unstoppable fate itself (the ancient grudge between the Capulets and the Montagues) which gave rise to their unstoppably fatal star-crossed love.

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    1. Oooh, interesting observation. I had never thought of it that way, always assumed it was just about the stupidity of hatred (the grudge) and the insanity of blindly following society’s dictates (the arranged marriage) and, of course, the price of unreasoning passion (the fight that sends Romeo into banishment leaves Juliet desperate to avoid her fate.) Thanks for your comments, you always get me thinking in a different way. Now I’m going to have to go re-read the play since it’s been awhile. Sigh **** 😉


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