Summer Heat


Jillian left the window cracked on her car as she locked it and walked up the driveway to her apartment. The stifling heat radiated off of the blacktop as she approached her tiny front porch. As she entered the front door, she was greeted by the endless drone of the window air conditioning unit. Jillian wondered, briefly, if it would freeze up again the way it had yesterday. The excessive heat had everyone in the neighborhood worried. It was unusual here in the northern part of the county. Still, Jillian was prepared today.

Jillian took her huge blue slurpee to the kitchen where she added a healthy dose of coconut rum. She gazed out the sliding glass door at her ultimate destination, the complex’s swimming pool. Shucking aside her flip-flops and clothes, she stripped down to her bikini and headed out doors. The ice cold burn of her favorite summer drink already cooling her. The pool water was warm as a bath when she waded in. Her friend Tiger was already afloat on a large tube, drink still in hand.

“Hey Tiger, whatcha drinkin’?” Jillian called.

“Strawberry Marg” Tiger called back, raising her glass in salute.

Tiger was so named for the blue tiger tattoo that ran across her body. The head was composed on tiger’s chest, with the fierce eyes peaking out over the low-cut top of her bathing suit. The body wrapped around her waist and across her back, ending with the tail back at her lower belly, it’s tip disappearing into the cover of the bikini bottom.

Jillian waded over to where Tiger floated. They hung there, two friends afloat in the moderate cool of the pool, drinking and talking, until he arrived.

Written for Three things Challenge over at Haunted Wordsmith  Slurpee, Coconut, Tiger

Do check out all the great stories.

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