Three Things Challenge 6-11-18

cat-kapa64 on pixabay

Having fun with the Three Things Challenge

cat grass Midnight

She lay waiting, crouched low in the tall grass, eyes fixed on her prey. She moved with natural ease, a stealthy opponent. Black fur glistening in the sun, her yellow eyes never blinked as she waited. A slight movement caused her tail to twitch as a sliver of skin showed above the barricade. “Ha, demon,” she thought “play your games, I am patience and persistence, I am a cat; I can wait.” Long moments stretched out before her while she waited, the essence of tightly bound energy.

Suddenly, a familiar voice called.  At the sound she raised her head and the tiny mouse disappeared back into the recess of it’s hole. Her head shot up and she rose to her feet with infinite grace. Prancing through the grass, tail erect, eyes fixed on her next victim.

“Midnight, Dinner.” The voice rang out.

She followed the meal and it’s provider into the kitchen. When the plate was placed on her mat, next to her water, she waited several moments, resuming her hunter stance, crouched low, tail twitching.

“Aren’t you hungry?” came the voice again.

Midnight turned and slowly winked at the voice, then … she pounced on the innocent plate.

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