Betrayal Erased

shillouette pexels-photo-333850

One Hundred Word Story Challenge :  Erased


“Will it hurt?”

“You’ll feel a prick when I start the I.V.,” soothed the nurse, “and relive the memory one last time. You’ll feel the pain again, but it’s just in your mind so it’s not real pain, right?”

Jeyan nodded. “They tried to kill me, I’m weary of the nightmare.”

The nurse smiled “Then let’s begin.”

Jeyan closed her eyes. She felt the knife, white hot agony spread. The villain’s face was obscured but suddenly shifted into view. BETRAYER! The others were in danger. Stop! She must remember. Jeyan screamed, but woke too late, the memory had been erased.

If you love a good challenge, stop over at Masters of Writing for the 100-word story   CHALLENGE!


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