A Silver Girl so Bleu

Artwork from Polyvore.com

Thanks to Chuck Wendig for this fun challenge.  A space opera of 1500 words or less in honor of May the fourth aka Star Wars Day!  Here we go.  Word count (not including title) 1500, hope you enjoy.  😉

Azzrio gazed out the porthole of his Moonraker space craft. It was a small, powerful craft. Lightly armed but heavily armored, designed for intergalactic exploration more than combat. He loved the Moonraker Bleu, she was sleek and fast his home for many years now. She was the perfect size for one, or two.

Azzrio (Az to his friends) was a silver man from a silver world on the edge of the Xantrax Nebula. He was the oath bound explorer for the King of Silazria, the Silver World. Az had served well, presenting many of the new worlds that now made up the King of Silazria’s empire. The richest of the new worlds was Bleuizrius, the Blue World. It’s extensive mineral wealth was matched only by the wonder of the fresh, blue air and oceans. It was the crown of Silazria’s kingdom, and it was where Az met her.

Az had been sent back to the Blue World to discretely gather information on the performance of the Duke of Bleuizrius some years ago. While meeting with old friends, speaking frankly about the concern for the common folk, she walked in. Az stood for a moment, unable to breath. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She had delicate skin the color of platinum with white hair in an elaborate braid falling across one shoulder of her deep sapphire gown. Az realized that he was gaping like a lucca fish and promptly shut his mouth, all thoughts of the king’s mission driven from his mind.

She glanced at him standing and he bowed and gestured to the bench beside him. She nodded and he strode over to her, offering his arm and escorted her back to his quite alcove. “My lady, one such as you should not enter such a place unescorted. May I offer my humble service?”

Her smile was bright enough to light up a black hole and Az suddenly noticed that her eyes were an unusual shade of deep sapphire. He felt himself fall into their depths but her voice brought him back around. “I’ve come looking for someone, hoping for a rendezvous. I am the lady Bleuitra. My hand maiden tells me that a royal emissary has arrived. That the king desires information about the plight of the common people of Bleuizrius.”

“And what would you tell this emissary lady? Clearly you are not of the common people, what information would you have? Would you seek to influence this emissary, to dissuade him of the king’s information?” Az was suddenly suspicious of the beautiful girl. This would not be the first time some siren had tried to distract him from a mission but Azzrio was not so easily circumvented.

The Lady Bleuitra sat up straighter, her indignation at the accusation obvious. Az relaxed a bit, clearly the girl didn’t know how to lie.

“I am the Lady Bleuitra, of the Royal House. How dare you question my motivation?”

Her anger was obvious and Az regretted his earlier suspicion. “Forgive me my lady, I spoke in haste. When one is on the King’s business, one must exercise caution. You are of the Royal House, what would cause you to seek to betray it?” Az put as much sincerity as he possessed into his words. She had come to help him and he’d muffed it badly.

Lady Bleuitra’s eyes opened wide with realization, “You? You are the emissary?”

Az smiled and make a mocking little bow “disappointing isn’t it?”

“Oh no, not at all. Please call me Bleuitra, it is I who should apologize. I was not acquainted with matters of intrigue, until recently.”

Bleuitra went on to tell Az of how she had come to hear of the terrible treatment of the lower classes. Having lived her entire life inside the palace, she had no idea what went on outside those walls. She had dressed in shoddy clothes, snuck from the palace and to the mean streets of the inner city. There she had talked with the common people, heard their stories and horrors. She had seen the deplorable living conditions and near enslavement.

Bleuitra’s head had hung through out her story and when she lifted it a mercury tear traced down her perfect cheek. And Azzrio’s heart was lost. They spent the next weeks together. They would dress in the rags of the commoners and visit the unseen city. At night he would escort her back to the edge of the palace grounds. After her supper, he would climb the huge vinata vine beneath her window and they would spend the night in each other’s arms. Az would sneak away at daybreak. He felt dirty and cheap, he longed to defy all and declare his love for her, marry her and take her from this evil land.

On their last night together, Az had begged her to come with him. She promised to wait for him, forever if need be. The King would surely send his troops and depose the Duke but first, Az had to make it safely back and deliver his report.

That was how he left her. Watching him from her bedroom window, his final sight of her with hair unbound and tears flowing from her sapphire eyes. He made the interstellar trip in record time. The King was just as outraged as Az and Bleuitra had been. He immediately began to prepare his armada for the journey.

Az was waiting while they fueled the Moonraker Blue for his return journey when word reached him of Bleuitra’s plight. The Duke had one of his witches declare Bleuitra of “unpure” blood. Since the Duke had killed her mother years ago, there is no one to dispute it and he meant to hand her off as the bound concubine to an old Earl.

Az slammed down his drink and rushed off to hurry the fueling and preparation of his ship. And now, here he was, staring out this porthole, reliving it all. “Please, all the powers of the universe, let me be in time.”

Out the porthole, in the vastness of space, Az saw a tiny space craft. No larger than an escape pod and definitely not intended to be out of atmosphere. He sprinted to the bridge and threw on the extreme magnification screen. On the side he saw the word “Blueitra.” Oh great stars, what had she done? He fumbled with the traction net control, and shot the electronic net into space. It caught the pod and pulled it back to the Moonraker Blue.

Az rushed down to the docking bay just in time to pull his Lady Bleuitra from the pod. They held each other, talking at once. She began to describe her escape and he to explain that the King and his armada were on their way. Words jumbled over each other and they laughed. They went to reverse the direction of the ship and begin their return when they saw the Starship on the forward screen. Bleuitra had been followed.

The first particle cannon shot disabled their star drive, the second took out the navigation system. Az turned to Bleuitra “You get back in the pod, I’ll hold them off as long as I can to give you time to reach the King’s armada.”

“No. I will not go. Az, you know this pod can’t evade that ship. They’ll destroy you and then net me. I will not go back.”

Az nodded, “and we both know what the Duke will do to both of us if we’re captured.”

Blueitra’s hand went to Azzrio’s aether pistol, “better to die by our own hands.”

“I cannot harm you, I am oath bound, but you are right, better that we die together.” His hand went to the emergency vent button which opened a portal to the vacuum of space. Blueitra nodded.

They kissed for a long moment and Bleuitra said “No one knows what lies beyond this plane of existence. We’ll take this leap together, and we’ll see.”

“Yes, together, we will see.” Az’s fist struck the evac button.

One can survive in the vacuum of space for about 30 seconds. In those last seconds, Azzrio and Bleuitra held to each other. Az watched as the ice crystals formed on his beloved’s face and his last thought was “she is even more beautiful in death.”

The King’s armada arrived a few hours later. They found the lovers floating, frozen in the deep cold of black space. The King was beside himself and descended upon the Duke’s palace like the wrath of a God from ancient ages. The King himself arrested the Duke and escorted him to the dungeon ship the Duke begging for his life. The King replied with deceptive softness, “You shall not die by my command, but the tales of your fate will cause evil men to weep in terror for a thousand years.” With that, he left the dungeon to see to the final arrangements for the two lovers.

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