Lost – 100 word story challenge

My humble offering for this week’s hundred word story challenge.  Just 100 words, serious editing here folks.  😉 .  Be sure to check it out, it’s a lot of fun.  This week’s prompt LOST

wilted purple rose by Sharon McCutchen on Unsplash
Photo by Sharon McCutchen on Unsplash


“Daddy, don’t go,” I cry. Mother on the sofa, empty wine bottle beside her. He turns back to me, eyes full of love and resignation.

My eye is black, my heart broken. His hand on the door knob, his intention clear in the angry set of his jaw. “Daddy, don’t go.” He holds me as I cry.

Fat tears work their way down my cheeks to fall with liquid plops onto the desert sand. “Daddy, don’t go,” I whisper. There is no reply, just the thud of the first spadeful of dirt on the coffin.

14 thoughts on “Lost – 100 word story challenge

    1. Thank you. It’s a metaphor on life.
      Have you ever watched a drop of water fall onto desert sand? It splatters, hard, forming abstract shapes, and then it rapidly disappears drying into the air and soil. Gone in a flash. I know about the hundred words but apparently it depends on what program you use to count them. In my day, a “word” was 5 characters. My “word count” program breaks every word at the space, including “a, an, the,” everything. Many programs exclude those but, hey sometimes you work with what you’ve got right? Thanks again for your encouragement.


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