Tides of Life

NZ tide pool

My offering for the daily prompt challenge:  Tides

There once lived a young woman who loved the ocean tides. As a child she would walk for hours along the shore. At low tide, she would search the pools that formed in the hollows of the rocks. Tiny fish, sea urchins and shells were magical treasures of incalculable worth. It was as if the seas offered these wonders for her delight alone, and the ocean was her friend. At high tide, she marveled at the power of the moon who brought the mighty tide home, so full and powerful, the pulsing rhythm of the incoming waves.

Many years later, under the luminescence of a grand full moon, she sat on the shore and wept. Her world lay around her like piles of rubble after a demolition. Her heart shattered into pieces so tiny they were like the grains of sand on which she sat.

Broken and shattered by yet another in a line of unfeeling men. Men like failed sailors. Men who loved her beauty, but ran away when faced with her depth. In a moment of despair she cried out to the moon, her reflection a glowing apparition on the sea.

“Why? I yearn for love, yet I find it not. Am I not worthy of love?”

As the ocean breeze dried the tears falling down her face, the moon whispered in the depths of her broken heart. “Oh my child, you are so much more than worthy, but you must have patience. For life is like the tide. It will ebb and flow, with joy and with sorrow. When comes the low tide of sorrow, remember there is beauty in the lows as well as the highs. Look for the gifts of the low tide, the lessons, the beauty, the knowledge that in the fullness of time, the high tide of joy will return.”

Many years later, an old woman sat on the beach at low tide. She looked at her skirt, which held tiny sea shells and stones, gifts of the tide. She gave thanks to the moon for the gifts of the sea and built a tiny mandala of shells. Knowing that the high tide would come again and sweep the treasures away, returning them to the sea. That, after all, was the point.

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