Specifically Vague

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Thanks to Pixabay – Kellepics

via Daily Prompt: Vague


“What is it?” I asked
tears choking the air from my lungs
“Nothing,” he replied
I saw if for the lie it was

“Do you love me?” I asked
already knowing the answer
but needing to hear it
“I care for you.”

“Why are you leaving?” I asked
strange perfume on his jacket,
speaking louder than words
“I just have to.”

“What is it Doctor?” I asked.
staring at the X-ray
fear gripping my heart
“We want to run more tests”

“How long do I have?” I asked
fear warring with despair
and anger
“It depends on a number of factors.”

Why is bad news always so specifically vague?

One thought on “Specifically Vague

  1. Isn’t that the truth? People have difficulty speaking clearly, but then some have difficulty accepting and they are attempting to “soften” the blow as it were. Does that really work??? Although couched in vague words, the punch is still there.

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