Parallel – blog prompt


Blog prompt Parallel

My life ran in a straight line. Like a stiff thread headed straight for the needle’s eye, I followed a straight line toward my destiny, or so I thought. Friends, family and lovers came across my life’s line on strange vectors and transversals. Intersecting momentarily, then off in their own direction, as I traveled on at the speed of light, headed straight to my ultimate destination of nowhere.

And so my life passed, always certain, a single direction, never varied. Until I hit the pothole. That great chasm in life known as “chronic disease.” I stared into the vanishing depths of it, into the oblivion of uncertainty. My straight line wavered, my path became indistinct and I wobbled back and forth, to and fro like a seismographic line measuring the after shocks.

Until, I met you. Your destination was different, your path a wild ride but a discernible line. You became my parallel, my counterpart, my match. My latitude in an unnavigable world, you were constant and secure and you helped me chart my course. We went along like that for some time, side by side, parallel, just far enough apart to be two separate lines on the map always together, always apart.

One day, I made an abrupt U-turn and ran right smack into you, and our parallel lines converged. So, we have traveled the globe of life ever since, two lines overlapping, individual but one.

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